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Conspiracy Theorists Proven Right As Fauci Comes Clean On COVID Jabs
Nov 22, 2021

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  • If this was the average Joe Thry would be in Jail long ago

  • How many times did you get the Small Pox vaccine in your lifetime? How many times did you get the MMR shot? Now how many times are people taking and retaking their Covid jabs? People who take and retake their Commie jabs are jabicidal and no longer ignorant. These people are stupid, period.

  • Then the people should act accordingly and hang your devil evil doctor death life that you would have and that should be taken away from you like you took it away from so many others. #hang dr. Fauci

  • All he is is a snake oil salesman, these are the kinds of people Jesus warned us about.

  • pure blood is what i am// for ever. red cross dosent even want / accept bioweapon infused blood. plandemic will fail - fauci to gitmo/gallows

  • Ya that's right freakshow, you'll do it. Not me.

  • Boosters annually....if you live that long.

  • This guy is a mass murderer


  • I gave Fraudchi a thumbs down. Slimeball.

  • And after that boost, another, and another and another, until you all die MotherFathers... We want to get rid of all of you, pieces of... hahaha... Is like you can hear the hate in his voice, the how the lies and more lies consume him and everyone who is involved in these. And the wicked all they do is think evil day and night. But there is a real G-d in heaven that we all have to face one day. It is ok if you don't believe in Him, that won't stop you from meeting Him...

  • Mass murderer.....

  • The biggest mass murderer four time.....

  • Why isn't this guy in jail?? Why! Stop listening to this fool! Use your common sense!

  • The Ends do NOT justify the means! Fauci is a petty Tyrant!

  • In other words... we're not sure what's gonna happen, but we "hope" all goes well. In plain english: "We are experimenting on people and we'll see what happens." So much for "science."

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