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COVID Vaccine Biggest Biological Catastrophe With Medicinal Product In Human History - Dr. McCullough
Oct 11, 2021

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  • Human intelligence is at it's pinnacle. Why do we tolerate idiots who sabotage our success?

  • They'll kill us all before accepting any accountability, and if they can't do it themselves they'll call in the U.N.

  • Based on the facts presented by Dr. McCullough, most of Congress and the Biden Administration MUST be arrested for crimes against humanity.
    Even in Texas, RINO Gov. Greg Abbott MUST resign for crimes against humanity even as he continues with the disproven "safe & effective" narrative.

  • It is a mind bender how you do not have the whole presentation link available. Any chance you can get that?

  • Good afternoon from the UK There more going on than just government control and big Pharmaceutical companies, there being driven and controlled by Evil. Satan the prince of the Air rides with them and speaks to there hearts. The devil transforms into an Angel of light. Trans human agenda is Satans Beast system evolving 6uild 6ack 6etter Yahusha’s blessings

  • Stop the Money, is how you stop it. Simple

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