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Cringey COVID Cult Karen & Cuck Go Viral For All The Wrong Reasons With Their Pro Jab TikTok Cheer
Feb 03, 2022

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  • If I knew this guy I put this song as my ringtone

  • What in God's name did I just watch? I swear it was more cringe-worthy than listening to one of Sleepy Joe's speeches about his hairy legs and little kids.

  • Geisteskrankheit

  • The definition of pussy-whipped.

  • "They can't pass a 9th grad science class" But they don't seem know that MRNA are not vaccine's. Well not till last year when they changed the definition of what a vaccine is

  • These arrogant retards are clueless and make me want to puke.

  • It's them with all their friends.

  • what is this i dont even

  • that cuck sure has a big nose

  • Wtfuck I just watched?

  • This is a horror show. I enjoyed Mr. Jazz Hands and Prancing Lady more…

  • 1:19 is a lie. This was at least four hours long.

  • This absolutely must be parody.

  • That was excessively painful

  • Wow. Come work for the New Zealand Government. You will fit right in. They'll probably put you in charge of something. If a guy can get degrees in Politics and Criminology and then be made Minister of Health and Education, well....skys the limit for a couple of mooks like these two!! Bullshit. Like magic....but real!

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