DeSantis Introduces A Gas Tax Relief That Has Floridians Beaming
Nov 24, 2021

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  • The problem I'm seeing is the U.S. has adopted all of these Foster Children around the world, like Chy-nah. They want to feed off of the citizens in the US. This is why they shut our energy independence down in the first place. How do you think the Saudi's get foods for their chillin ? We gotta another 1.4 billion in China that needs to be fed. Don't expect Washington D.C. to fix that problem, they'd rather just feed it.

  • even if he is not perfect god dam you gotta love the common sense this man has like he is not satanic

  • Wish TN would do this also

  • Love this man. A true American Patriot and great leader. All Governors should follow this example.

  • Audit the 2020 election and get Pedophile Joe out of the WH.

  • Tax relief, yes.

  • I wanna move to Florida.

  • God bless our Governor Ron DeSantis 🙏

  • Hellz, yes. Keep it up, Desantis. And then focus on obliterating the horrendous digital drivers licensing bullshit. Terrible idea now and in the future. Fuck. That. Noise.

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