Nov 25, 2021

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  • Another sad thing about this story is that the people who are all in on the Vaccines believe they aren't spreading around their viral load to others. I mean who gets on a plane with fever and body aches. Hello... The masks, the vaccines all work to influence others that they don't have to accept personal responsibility and be decent people and stay home when they are sick. This just perpetuates all kinds of poor behavior and problems. Another thing is this guy apparently has no idea that he is amplifying his risk of a serious cardio event (death)beyond the booster by getting on a plane after one of loading himself up with the spike protein delivered via another one of these shots.

  • Government's have a difficult task to simultaneously Convince the unjected that the injection works so they get the shot.

    Then Convince the injected that the injection doesn't work so they get the booster shots twice a year for life.

  • Bet the guy on the plane felt better. Dr McCullough leans over to him and says quietly" buh bye".

  • Not if you do no take it.

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