Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Stark Warning To ALL "Experts' Who Pushed Crimes Against Humanity
Oct 01, 2021

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  • This is a sick and sad irony that I have to watch. To listen to what this man says as Wayne Peters and his crew back doored me, someone who was trying to help the country, to do the class action lawsuit I suggested to him, sitting there shaking his head in approval, when what he and they did to me was just as disgusting. What do you call it when you discriminate against people that have to be on assistance? What if I heard him trash talking people like me as I was trying to help him and the country for this? What if I am a sexual child abuse survivor, who does have a checkered past but is and was at the time officially disabled and when I called him out about it he insinuated I was on assistance and when I compared my own struggle with him pandering for money himself he deleted me and eventually even pretended to not even remember who I was and when I finally figured out that they had been planning to do the class action behind my back? I gave him and Norman plenty of time and opportunity to make things right with me. This will be both sad yet satisfying because I will end up having to attack someone trying to help the country but I also do not and did not deserve what they did to me. I managed to survive by fighting for my rights as I also fought for our freedom and continue to do so, to be able to leave my drug addicted life to rehabilitate myself and start fresh. It will be a sad day but this is all way too gross for me to hold in. All they had to do was treat me like a human being, even a simple apology and admittance would have done wonders, but they chose the shady route. This terrorized me at a time that I was already terrorized by the government. This hunter may be slow but I am thorough and the truth will be told.

  • And let the hunt BEGIN, damn it!

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