Jan 24, 2022

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  • There must be choice - PERIOD - Because "risk" is a Personal Assessment WE MAKE with OUR BODIES regarding ANYTHING we CHOOSE to put in it!!

  • The Gov Lied about the Lock-Down time. ⁣The Gov Lied about the effectiveness of the mRNA vax ⁣The Gov Lied about the Dangers of the mRNA vax ⁣The Gov Lied about the accuracy of the PCR Test and Test Cases ! The Gov lied about the ((Local City and County Mortality Curves and Co-Morbidity)). The Gov lied about the effectivity of Masks. ⁣The Gov Lied about the number of children and adults killed and injured by mRNA vax. ⁣The Gov Lied about the ingredients in the mRNA vax. ⁣The Gov Lied about about the real use of these Vax Passports, ⁣The Gov Lied about about where the printed money is really going - not mRNA development. ⁣The Gov Lied about where the virus came from. Not Bushmeat. It was Gov Gain of Function development in various Level-3 Virology Facilities. ⁣The Gov Lied about the ability of the mRNA vax preventing infection. ⁣The Gov Lied about over-capacity Hospitals. ⁣The Gov Lied about the inflation that all this spending is causing. The Gov lied about all who where involved in the Gain of Function Testing. The Gov lied that an order went out to destroy all virus Samples in the Wuhan Facility after the release.

  • 2+ minutes of truth destroys 2+ years of lying propaganda

  • An important perspective. Shame on Facebook, Twitter, and the White House for attempting to censor information about Covid!

  • "If there is risk, there must be choice." The foundation of medical ethics. One of the reasons why I remain unvaccinated. Especially when the government is so intent on hiding clinical data regarding the trials of these so-called vaccines while mandating everyone be vaccinated regardless of their natural immunity. I and others like me did not consent to be guinea pigs.

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