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Dr. Robert Malone's Mass Formation Psychosis Talk Draws Comparison To Germany in The 1920's & 30's
Jan 02, 2022

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  • Imagine belieiving that an entire nation went crazy, started hating a group for no reason, and then went back to normal. Conservatives are historically illiterate and fucking retards.

    "History is written by the winners" the cucks will say, and then they will proceed to parrot every part of the winners narrative as if it were gospel.

    This is what happens when you worship a book. You begin to see authority figures as infallible truth tellers and lose all ability to think critically and see patterns.

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  • Malone's wrong, nothing Omicron except delay the inevitable 'great die off' does any good. Immunities being destroyed universally and if the seasonal illnesses don't kill the Vaxxed, cancer, or heart disease etc,,, will kill the Vaxxed!

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