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Dr. Tenpenny Issues Stark Warning To Mentally & Spiritually Prepare For Millions Of Dead Kids
Dec 06, 2021

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  • This is ALL critical for you to hear.. but pay special attention to this starting at the 34 minute point.. and the 41 minute point... my God... Nano spike protein Particles WERE, indeed, put on those NOSE SWABS! HEAR THE FACTS HERE! Your body and mind is no longer yours. The 'vax' was initially on those swabs. There is not and has never been a pandemic! WHY do you need a face diaper if your saliva is a carrier???? WHY not just test your spit?? Because they wanted to ram the nano particals into your brain! Those swabs TESTED NOTHING. Period. But they got you now. I'm sorry for all of you who let them poison you. I tried to tell you in the beginning. I haven't spent endless hours providing you with warnings. I don't think you need anymore after this.

  • Thank GOD, I don't have kids. Maybe women irrationally HATING me, because the Feminist brainwashing told them to, might actually be a good thing in the end.

  • Doctor Sherri Tenpenny! Big/fan/follower of her sage information! Thank you, keep up the good work, fighting the good fights!

  • And it's not just death. It's also life-changing, lifelong illness.

  • Jews did all this to us. Jews must be expelled from every nation.

  • Millions of adults, children and animals are condemned because of this bioweapon attack shots from the luciferians upon God's Children. There will be millions of homeless, starving animals whose owners got the shots and died on the. There will be orphans whose parents got the shots so they could continue to work and parish. I am assuming this is why the luciferians had all those black plastic coffins that could contain up to 2-4 adult bodies, from the luci's hopeful bioweapon success. The problems for the luci's are, America has guns, we all know there is no deadly virus, and there is the death shots no body wants any more. FEMA, GUILLOTINES & PLASTIC COFFINS:,-GUILLOTINES---PLASTIC-COFFINS:5. Alex Jones’ coffin video COVID was planned: 2:00 min.

  • Yes. Merry Christmas to all the imbeciles that thought God would dump this kind of a turd on mankind. Especially you Christians. GFY to every GD last one of you that got your kids jabbed.

  • Thanks, clear message from their hearts

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