Dr. Zelenko: Dr. Ralph Baric Involved Every Step Of The Way In Gain Of Function Bioweapon Conspiracy
Jan 13, 2022

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  • Ahh, the Military Lab Leak and Fauci stories, trying to keep the fake virus theory alive while playing the masses, continuing to confuse, distract and divide.

    They can only make their pretend "viruses" in a lab (gain of function), but they cannot infect anyone. The only way they can make people or animals sick is via forced injection with other tissue products and chemicals or by repeated forcing into nasal passages with said chemicals to trigger bodily detox processes (also the animals are generally already sick: vaccinated and stressed and if you look at the studies, it is really challenging to make them respond, they have to work hard at it).

    They mess around with DNA and RNA pieces to create chimeras (directed evolution - fancy term but evolution is also false), unnatural to life and then using enzymes (spike proteins to force entry into cells to prove their "virus" existing. This is via Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a common enzyme in the body used to gain entry to cells - it is all a magic show).

    They are going to throw Fauci under the bus, that was always the plan and ANYONE focusing on him in the media is either controlled opposition or taking the bait to waste loads of time (I feel sorry for Project Veritas, they are being used, HARD), distracting the partially awake long enough for them to make their next moves, and to throw some "meat" to the angry masses (bread and circuses) so they feel like some justice is being done.

    It's all part of their playbook. Don't fall for it.

    With love and truth, Amandha Vollmer


  • Send this document to your state’s attorney general and any other elected officials. It’s from Dr David Martin. Look him up and watch his videos. All these murderers need to be locked up!! Fauci, Baric, Shi ( the bat bitch), Daszak, and Alex Azar. There are many more, but this would be a great start.

  • Charlie Kirk gotta head like an orange

  • The Gov Lied about the Lock-Down time. ⁣The Gov Lied about the effectiveness of the mRNA vax ⁣The Gov Lied about the Dangers of the mRNA vax ⁣The Gov Lied about the accuracy of the PCR Test and Test Cases ! The Gov lied about the ((Local City and County Mortality Curves and Co-Morbidity)). The Gov lied about the effectivity of Masks. ⁣The Gov Lied about the number of children and adults killed and injured by mRNA vax. ⁣The Gov Lied about the ingredients in the mRNA vax. ⁣The Gov Lied about about the real use of these Vax Passports, ⁣The Gov Lied about about where the printed money is really going - not mRNA development. ⁣The Gov Lied about where the virus came from. Not Bushmeat. It was Gov Gain of Function development in various Level-3 Virology Facilities. ⁣The Gov Lied about the ability of the mRNA vax preventing infection. ⁣The Gov Lied about over-capacity Hospitals. ⁣The Gov Lied about the inflation that all this spending is causing. The Gov lied about all who where involved in the Gain of Function Testing. The Gov lied that an order went out to destroy all virus Samples in the Wuhan Facility after the release.

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