Jan 24, 2022

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  • If you haven't already, get on the Zelenko Protocol .... it's worked for me.

  • Wishing your interview had done a better job for Dr. Zenenko! Shallow and insulting to both of you. I remember pre 2012 and Alex's drive for truth. What happened??

  • okay this doctor got a FOIA report on vaccine testing, you all need to share this horrific report that these big pharmaceutical companies were well aware of the 30% risks on these findings.. ⁣

  • God had it scribed in our Bible that he will protect believers from consumption of poison.

  • Description of the mark of the beast!

  • I wish this person allowed Dr. Zelenko to fully respond to the questions ARGH!

  • Dr. Ralph Baric, the Professor of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was involved in both Gain-Of-Function research, and with an academic-corporate partnership to develop Remdesivir.

  • The key take away is that the CV targets lungs and heart! Once you are hospitalized and are truly bad off, then they administer Remdesivir, which can in turn cause your kidneys and liver! If that isn't devastating enough, I don't know what truly is, yet by commandeering a known pathogen and administering a lethal dosage of Remdesvir; you are more than good as dead!!! The administering of an inoculation also can make you just as good as dead. Either way, they just want you good as dead!!!

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  • Very scary the future is very uncertain

  • The mark of the beast

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