Elderly Man, Who Died Of COVID-19, Dissected In Front Of Live, Paying Audience In Oregon
Nov 03, 2021

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  • What the ...?!

  • Ticket price? $14.88 😏

  • Oh Geez. They aren't going to get covid from him.

  • Don't donate your body (or a loved one's) to medical research, or it could end up anywhere.

  • Is it for medical training? OK Well, they DONATED the body. If people are paying, then what's the big deal? Covid isn't real, so this is garbage.

  • Evil perverts

  • Who cares if the man had COVID or not! This is disgusting and health officials knew about it and did nothing! Every person involved should go to jail and pay restitution to the living family for the disgusting way his body was used to make money in front of an audience.

  • What they did is really wrong, but on the other hand they act like covid is the damn plague. I can't believe people are this brainwashed.

  • Well done

    Great reporting

    Yahusha’s blessings

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