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Eric Trump's 'Lets Go Brandon' Gas Station Video With Lara's FJB Bling Goes Mega Viral
Feb 14, 2022

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Looks like Eric picked up some liberal triggering skills from his dad...

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  • Love it, I bet it's a great Fuel Station too !

  • I'm kinda surprised he pumps his own fuel and drives himself around.

  • Conservatives are the ultimate cuck losers.

  • Join Freedom convoy 2022. Let's Go, Brandon! 18 wheels to flatten Biden, Trudeau, and the NWO.

  • how inbred are you morons... the trumps are BIG OIL DEMON PEDO SWINE.... you will enjoy hell with them im sure morons... inbreed more GOP SWINE...

  • Laura is really into the whole Trump finally. Great fit into the family

  • The right wing needs to stop using black culture (music, in this case) in their videos.

  • Dang that's an ugly ass interior, like in every US car. Get an Audi Don.

  • I've put up my share of those stickers

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  • 3.72 a gallon. I recently filed bankruptcy, and gas is $4.90 where I am, and I don't even complain. I would upload a video to prove it, but I had to cancel my phone plan because I can't afford it anymore. I'm sure E.T. will be able to handle a $100 dollar gas bill. If we all chip in to cover his gas bill, will his dad use presidential pardon powers to pardon january 6th protestors before he leaves office? He called everyone to DC to protest for him, then he lets people rot in jail for over a year without trial. Pretty sure you can even pardon people before they commit an offense, but event was January 6th and he didn't leave office until January 20th when new president came in. He couldn't just pardon everyone that came to Jan 6th event while he was asking them to go home? I did that.

  • Complaining about gas prices doesn't work as well when its coming from a billionaire and you see him wearing a suit in the reflection of the window. Why did his dad allow Biden to even be on the ballot cheating Tulsi in the primaries? Enjoy your operation Warp Speed Event 201 vaccine I guess. We need an "I did that" sticker of Trump to slap on all the vaccinated people getting these tremor side effects. Billionaires need their medical research to advance their gene therapy research.

    Iraqi Dinar currency fix-and-flip scam is the last payoff of the 9/11 heist 20 year illegal wars in the Middle East. Worth between 10 trillion and 100 trillion dollars. If Trump went back to Syrai to continue stealing the oil, they will definitely finish the Dinar scam fix-and-flip. Kavanaugh helped Bush create executive order to pave the legal path, since normally you can't buy enemy currency during wartime. Now K is on SCOTUS and not in jail? Toy Soldiers. Global economic collapse that Trump partially helped lead us to with the initial lockdowns in 2018 will lead to global currency revaluations and help them finish the Dinar flip to cash out.

    Sheep no more. Because you are now lab rats. -Q

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