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Fatal Shooting Amid Custody Dispute Caught On Camera In Lubbock, Texas
Nov 25, 2021

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  • the man said would drag them into court and never made a threat of violence, the man inside got the gun and shot at his foot provoking the man and he shot them , He will get arrested, I don't know Texas law if asking a person to leave your property and they dont if that escalate to use of deadly force , I doubt that it does,

  • He will be charged and convicted of murder and at the least manslaughter. Stand your ground and Castle laws will not apply here IMO. He had reason to be there and they were denying him his rights. The man should have left the property and called police for the mother's interference with a court ordered visitation. I believe the difficulty for the shooter will be the father was actually not closing distance between them when the shooter fired.

  • This does not look real. Can't put my finger on it exactly.

  • This is fake as all hell. You can hear that the gun doesnt sound correct, its shooting blanks. Then you add in the fact that the post murder behavior from all parties is not normal by any stretch. The women would be screaming rather than argueing, there is no adrenaline in this video, when someone gets murdered in front of you your adreniline spikes, we see none of that with any of these people.

  • I hope the son grows up and kill the mother

  • I live in Lubbock and many have seen the videos from different perspective and many of us believe that this was justified homicide! One reason why he was not arrested that day

  • I'm sympathetic to a father trying to see his son and have utter contempt for the state of family law, the real villain in this piece, but you don't go on a man's property, threaten and attack him, especially in Texas. I don't know where Chad was from, but I don't think he was a Texan, we no better than to pull this shit. It was an unfortunate and unnecessary incident, but I doubt charges will even be raised in Texas. Our homes are our castles and unwelcomed or unruly guest best leave if they know what's good for them, and we like it that way.

  • If he has a court order for visitation, then he has a court ordered right to be there. Murder 100%.

  • Thats a murder. Not self defense. Call the cops before you decide to do shit. Does he look like the father carrying a gun? yeah idiot, a defenseless situation into you own messed up understanding of being responsible and respect for human life. This you deserve life behind bars. You just screw up what it means to be a responsible 2A owner. When you have a SON that the father is looking for at you house, that not defending your property but now your kidnapper. Call the cops. IDIOT like this makes a bigger case for confiscation.

  • thats not self defense but murder.

  • Once justice finds the Democrats, they will try to make the noose illegal. Bet.

  • This is either >unprecedented< or it is >fake news<.

    Do you understand why?

  • Legit home defense, all there is to it.

  • GOD DAMN! They should of let him see his kid, despite whether it's written up that way in the papers of not. Do you all not know the tyrants want this kind of confrontation to happen? Those rounds would be better placed in Gates and Fauci. The kid has lost a dad; and on top of that, they would jab this child and the child may suffer to die anyways. Evil is laughing! It won this battle. Now they have more ammunition to attack the 2nd Amendment. Could not he have just popped him in the thigh? Save that kind of kill'n for the tyrants -- it's coming!

  • ex wife & her boy toy commit felony kidnapping and murder father. And it isn't prosecuted. Father's Rights and Men's Rights matter.

  • I am absolutely for the 2nd Amendment but this is not it. The gun never should have come out in the first place. It was not needed. The father was not threading bodily harm of any kind until the gun was in his face. I hope they put this man away where he belongs. Next time maybe you should resort to your fist instead of murdering someone with an assault weapon.

  • Told multiple times to leave. Refuses. Threatens to use gun on homeowner after taking it from him. Ignores warning shot. Continues to confront person with gun. I'd say it's fairly Justified

  • Fucked up son! Cold blooded murder Right there.

  • Gun comes out...leave

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