Nov 24, 2021

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  • How can the damn politicians not hear this shit…and put those DOMESTIC TERRORIST IN JAIL…

  • Fauci is a criminal. He has been killing people for years. Making Remdesivir a Covid treatment, after they had to stop it's use, due to complications, then making it the protocol for every hospital, that my friend is not science, it's murder.

  • Fauci you're a F** LIAR and a money mongering swamp slime. You know it's GENOCIDE and people plan on removing you. We are not stupid.

  • Fauci and his people are now weaponizing the hypnotized masses to achieve their agenda, mob rules, emotionally manipulation, fear mongering, using us against us. Not only have they horded wealth, they kill people, and psychologically manipulate. They have achieved their positions through their evil scheming, not by their hard work or intelligence, otherwise they are no better than anyone else, or they are probably the most debased.

  • Fauci saying "I save lives" is sadistic.

  • The problem we have here is Trump is on there side...he 8s pushing vaccines

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