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Fauci & The Biden Regime 'Experts' Lied To America About The COVID Jab Mandates [COMPILATION]
Dec 18, 2021

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  • How much more proof do we need that there is no pandemic, just a deliberate medical for-profit fraud taking place that is destroying businesses and the economy.

    In Nigeria there is only 3000 covid deaths in two years in a population of 220 mil.... A dirty poor country with no masks, no distancing rules, no lockdowns and no vaxxed population have almost no covid cases... Explain that one. The 1 mil donated vaxxines got incinerated because they have no need for them! Pfizer had no interest to target Nigeria with propaganda since they can't pay for vaxxines, and lo and behold, they have the real 'pandemic' figures.

    Where exactly is the covid hysteria and relentless pressure to vaxx people for at-profit experimental poisions? Only in the most wealthy countries that can afford to buy from Pfizer. The constant vaccinations is what is keeping infections active and alive. And somehow this doesn't sink in that the vaxx is creating the 'pandemic'?

  • Fauci actually created human Coronavirus from Dog Coronavirus in 2002 at Chaple Hill University in North Carolina . He got it patented US Patent 7279327

  • Liars Liars Liars First Business Get THEM OUT they are Scoundrels & 💯 % UN FIT & unworthy to be Public Servants ; Because they are UNLAWFUL

  • All of you shall be indicted for your actions against Humanity. We the People that you swore an Oath to protect. and the People your actions have directly affected shall judge and determine your fate. You have all been warned at least the last ten years in advance, You chose to continue your Satanic activity against the free will of God's Creation. for That, You and your's shall pay 1000 fold and 100,000 lifetimes for your actions to then begin again as a positive thought for all life. Peace.

  • These are some of the worst liars I've ever seen.

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