Dec 15, 2021

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  • Your taxes at work. Almost as bad, or maybe worse than nurses doing dancing videos in their scrubs while hospitals were supposedly overrun with precious people dying of Covid. Some very serious loss of perspective here. Somewhere over the rainbow these people will meet their Maker and it will not be a good day for them.

  • Just because someone can play a guitar does not mean anyone wants to hear them. This has gone far, far beyond ridiculous.

  • What. The. FUCK?

  • What a dickhead - omgoodness.

  • I heard Mao wrote some nice lullaby's for the little farm kids too.

  • jail time for all responsible

  • This is their level of sophistication?

  • One thing is for sure, things can and do get more crazy. What a Dbag.

  • quick stick a dick back in his mouth and shut him up it makes me want to rip my fucking ears off. i'd love to slap the taste out of his mouth fuck him! and as always fuck joe biden

  • Sicko singing about "true healing" with this mRNA nightmare that will kill millions with the loss of natural immunity, as planned.

  • Is Francis Collins in Jeffrey Epstein's book?

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