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Fight Breaks Out At Golden Corral Restaurant, Possibly Due To Running Out Of Steak
Feb 01, 2022

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  • I'd say follow them home and trash their homes but they're probably already trashed.

  • Notice the Nationality of the people that are fighting???

  • Running out of steak isn't the problem. But I can tell you what is...

  • Looks exactly like I pictured it!

  • anyone who's ever worked in a restaurant is thinking "yep, church crowd"

  • no tip.

  • Chair fight at the OK Corral

  • It's all Golden Corral's fault for putting their restaurant within reach of the ghetto rats.

  • That's too bad. I like Golden Corral and can't imagine that this is good for them.

  • did they run out of chicken?

  • Bunch of dumbasses. Here's my question. I wonder how many of them claim the handle Christian.

  • Are they humans? Even pigs at the trough are better behaved. And over "steaks?" I have not been to Golden Corral for a while, but their steaks aren't USDA top choice.

  • thank u leaders

  • When will white people learn?

  • no steak huh??? sure the blacks didnt say some dumb racists shit?

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