Nov 09, 2021

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  • They do this on purpose— Lies come easy to thrm. Looks like CNN might start reporting actual news instead of made up lies. Only time will tell

  • Rittenhouse gonna be Sandmann wealthy soon

  • What a dark dystopian scene where terrorists freely travel around America murdering, looting, vandalizing, committing hate crimes, and they are aided by corporations and politicians. They were using U-Haul trucks. They were using Facebook and other social media to communicate. They were escorted by law enforcement. They were released from prison by politicians and celebrities. A child molester and a armed marxist murderer attacked the wrong little boy.

  • The call it a BLM protest. When Kyle was on the ground and that communist pointed a gun at his head, is that defined as "protest" . They love to use ideas and words to get emotional responses and manipulate people. Kyle was NOT a "vigilante" practicing summary punishment. BLM are aggressors, they are NOT "protestors".

  • They use the word "vigilante" fallaciously. By their intentionally misleading fraudulent interpretation, anyone whom opposes criminals is a "vigilante".

  • These people are just sacks of shit I'm sure the shit will being suing me for defamation

  • Good! We need more vigilantes. Time for the wicked to go down! Gates needs to be sent to God for immediate judgement. According to Scripture, this is what we are suppose to do! Granted we have system that's 'suppose' to work for the good, but as you see it does not. This means Righteousness will not come in a different form. Be as it may.

  • Sue the fuck out of these pieces of shit.

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