Oct 22, 2021

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  • Follow the data’s story and not the mantra.

  • Well mr liar, what about the other 60% are you trying to say those people were Unvacced? You can't trust those sodomites~ fake numbers denying the real 100% are the jabbed, or from a number of health issues~ They want you to buy into their fake covid bullshit~ Nobody has gotten sick or died from their fake covid that there is no test for only because they say its covid you're supposed to believe its covid the fake flu~ if you buy any of that bullshit you're ignorant and need to stop watching tell lie vision and stop believing the lying ama big pharma ass holes who hate you and want to kill you~

  • Yeah and the definition of "fully vaccinated" is complete bs. It's prob 100% of deaths. I'm not kidding. It is prob 100%.

  • Got any of that proof? NO? didn't think so you fucking snowflake Commie.

  • Sooooo, the vaccine does nothing.

  • Scary. I think it would be hard for those who took the jab will admit their fault.

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