Geraldo Rivera Claims Unvaccinated Southwest Pilots Are "Screwing Over" Americans
Oct 13, 2021

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  • geraldo is a sicko mindless mutant.

  • Thank you for all the 'awake' comments! What kind of house, bank account, swimming pool does this man now have? I apologizes no longer for seeing through these un-credible people. Sickening!

  • Geraldo, go find another Capone vault. You're boring me.

    1. Geraldo is wrong about the 1905 SCOTUS decision. They ruled the states can limit the public freedoms if they deem it so important, and this was never applied to the Federalis because of the TENTH AMENDMENT.
    2. Mandates do exist for a reason, and that is Federal overreach
    3. The pilots are not screwing the public, they are stepping up to defend their rights.
    4. It is a clear indication of obsession with a topic when the obsessor introduces it in EVERY discussion no matter how unrelated. This is usually due to a void of such things in their own life that triggered the obsession. GO READ THE TENTH AMENDMENT GERALDO.
  • Geraldo a worn out Talk Show Host .

  • Geraldo…gfy

  • Besides, that dumbass is equating smallpox with a cold. What a knob end.

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