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Geraldo Stands Up For Accused Pedophile & Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell In Heated Exchange On Fox
Nov 30, 2021

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  • Gerry (and don't call him Geraldo) is a leftist piece of shit.

  • I could run over Geraldo with my car and feel good about it.

  • Geraldo is a hypocrit loser

  • Geraldo is a Jew cuckloader

  • Geraldo calls himself a libertarian because he thinks people should be free to engage in horrible crimes without any restraint. That's not freedom, that's not liberty Geraldo. Liberty means for all. And this wicked witch Maxwell participated in horrible unspeakable crimes against young girls and boys. Those young girls and boys had their liberty stolen away from them. Geraldo you are a stupid cunt, and a worthless human being. You're a detriment to society.

  • Seems like he's a customer.

  • obviously connected

  • Usual libtard, lefty. As long as the victims are not someone they care about all is well. Geraldo is a POS.

  • Excellent video, thankyou.

  • I got kicked off Twitter for calling Geraldo a Pedophile for which he is. He is so worried that Maxwell will throw his name out there he wants her out so she can haul ass. He has been calling for her bail for over a year. I'm thrilled Degan said what she did to his sorry entitled ass "Geraldo is as nervous as a whore in church on Sunday!" and you can take that to the bank. I hope his dark secrets come out too because we all know what he is

  • He is a pedophile

  • Safer in jail than out. LOL. Geraldo working to make her an open target.

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