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Good News! Chris Wallace Announces He's Leaving Fox News... Bye!
Dec 12, 2021

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  • Why does anyone waste their time watching fake news networks. They are controlled out lets. Fox is part of the fake news network.

  • Fox along with the rest of the alphabet of fake news media is dead to me.

  • He's a little commie, pinko, Glad to see him go.

  • After 18-Years Chris is Leaving Fox? What took him so long?

  • nice to see the bowl filled back up after they flushed this turd...

  • Chris who?

    Be well...

  • Good riddance you moronic pinhead!

  • Good riddance, ya JOOO bastard.

  • Chris Wallace is finally going to the network where he will be with his intellectual peers such as Don Lemon.

  • By by to bad rubbish

  • Good riddance!

  • Goodbye Asshole

  • Buh-Bye

  • Snooker is a fun game, JS

  • Who is he talking to? Friends? Chris? Really man, you will not be missed by anyone with a nickel's worth of sense.

  • He's resume is already at CNN, his natural home

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