Nov 28, 2021

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  • Harris is dragging all her party to a non exit situation. Bad days for democrats are waiting for.

  • 1st if the "vaccines" are safe then why are so many people dying from them and many more being damaged? If they are effective why does everyone need booster clot shots? If this is a real pandemic where are all the dead people? Why hasn't covid been isolated in any lab to prove it exists?

    Kamala needs a bullet in her treasonous enemy head. She's criminally conspiring against America and humanity with Biden.

    Let's Go, Brandon.

  • Kamala has no morals . She will say what ever the Globalist wants . The Jab does not prevent or lessen coronavirus infections . The Vaccine is killing people and 70% of those dying in the ICUs are fully vaccinated . She is lying .

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