Iran's Supreme Leader Releases Video Depicting Assassination Of Donald Trump
Jan 13, 2022

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  • Iran, Russia, and North Korea are probably the only countries on the planet yet to be absorbed by the Jew Mobsters. But faggot Mike Adams (Red Voice) still wants you to think it's about the good guys vs the bad guys. Naive brainwashed faggot.

  • Iran isn’t controlled by Jew Bankers, that’s why the Jew media hates them. Trump is controlled by them.

  • If this video depicted BITEME you would never hear the end of it.

  • Well, they are a bunch of coward, dictator terrorists. All they can do is fantasize and jerk off to each other.

  • Whatever one thinks of Trump, remember: he is only a proxy. The sociopathic and deranged hatred directed at him - whether it's from American leftists, Islam, Jews, etc - is really meant for the Christian, traditional, and predominantly White Americans.

  • LOL, bullshit, red voice media is run by complete click-bait faggots.

  • Those whom like to conspire, just like Iran's Supreme Leader, well it just won't be pretty when he makes the list of the most unwanted! AND it won't be a mission aborted either!!

  • they wish fuck Iran. evil Twat waffles .

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  • Donald Trump acted boldly in the interest of the United States; of course he would be the target of its enemies. Empty suits and appeasers like Joe BIden have little to fear in that regard.

  • I hear he has a couple clones. If the Blue Tye trump gets hit, then we'll use time-travel. I wouldn't sweat it.

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