Nov 13, 2021

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  • This is a counterfactuotittivation convincoscript - a CTCS. That is a live tuthysplurge.

  • These marxists pieces of human debris think that they are the smartest a-holes in the room because they underestimate the American populace thinking we are all as duped as the useless idiots that vote democRat. Like everyone will fall for her non answer blatant lie.

  • We wouldn't need to worry about relying on any foreign country for oil, if biden was in prison, and our pipelines were open again....#StupidBitch

  • a special type of evil

  • CCP Biden would rather depend on OPEC than be energy independent with U S based supply. Trump Won!

  • HUH?

  • We weren't relying on OPEC until they shut down the pipeline and fracking. We were the biggest producer and exporter. Can this moron big any more ridiculous?

  • Stratigic on multiple levels along with the rest of the limited resourses yet they cannot outnumber the masses. Limiting the opponents resourses is one of the first actions of engagement if not the first.

    Arrest anyone enforcing the vaccine mandates, the mandates have been halted by the federal courts! Citizen arrest rights are in place for this reason! Town council members, school council members, employers,.... if they're enforcing the mandates put them under citizens arrest. Clinton Crime Network link, it's what was handy for a broader spectrum.

  • Shut down the Canadian pipelines was a good move now wasn't it.

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