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Jim Acosta Sounds Nervous As He Declares 'We're In The Grips Of A MAGA Comeback'
Nov 18, 2021

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  • There is no such thing as a coup by the people. There are only revolts. A coup involves military and (or) politicians and corporate heads.

  • JIM- this week there are 600k people with high powered rifles in WI out and about. if we wanted to attempt a coup it would be a lot better carried out. mostly white, mostly conservatives. get a clue!!!

  • acosta- keep following your 'tribe' owners. who, havew literally bought the MSM. yes even fox news is owned by jews. 1.6% of our nation. just because they are able to control what we hear, does not make most of us believe them.

  • What a clown. There was a coup disguised as a election on November 3rd 2020.

  • I hope its civil war clear cut BLM out of existence

  • It is a fact that no journalists were hanged at Nuremberg, after WWII, despite several urban myths on the subject.

    I do not think we should make that same mistake at Nuremberg II.


  • His party did successfully orchestrate a political coup using Voter Fraud to remove the duly elected President Donald J Trump...

  • What percentage of the population is dumb enough to believe this utter bullshit? No charges of insurrection, not a single gun charge. The most heavily armed segment of our population and not a single one of them thought to bring a gun to their "insurrection"? This doesn't stand up to even the lightest scrutiny or the most basic logic test.

  • CNN does not have much use for this useful idiot now that there is only the audience in the mirror left watching

  • No Worries - Acosta is just a Fictional Character.

  • MAGA come back, isn’t great!!

  • They came dangerously close to a Patriots take over of the Global Zionist Jew take over.

  • What I don't think that people understand, is what is not being said here.

    These kikes almost lost total power, possibly forever. They almost had a situation where they could not retain control.

    When they refer to a coup attempt, they are actually correct in stating that it was an attempted coup.

    What they do not mention is against who the coup was directed.

  • The jews are the real plague and as long they are in power nothing is going to change, they hate Christianity!

  • Do you think CNN knows or is aware, that everybody realizes they are complete liars and were involved in the coup themselves? Jim Acosta must have a lot of dreams about "teeth" because he certainly knows how to lie through them.

  • Yes , we did have a coup and they were successful. You the media helped that to happen, blood on your hands. Judgment will come no hiding from this.

  • January 6th was not a coup, it was a warning. This wicked governance hasn't seen a Coup d'état yet, or Jerkmate Joe would not be in the White house. The kettle is boiling hot! A tipping-point will soon be reached. Once that happens, the purge of the wicked begins. We're not coming for BLM, Antifa, or your purple haired neighbor who is gay. No No we're coming for the top dogs. You are going down! No mercy! No hesitation! Straight to God for immediate Judgement as per His commands! There be no other way! The anarchist factions that get in the way will be cut down. No exceptions! For the sake of the Righteous! Jim Acosta will be stripped of his career, and placed in foster care, as he is still a child needing to play alone with an imaginary friend. This will be good for him. 😎

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