Dec 01, 2021

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  • Why is the video popping up inline to the left so I can't see or post a comment? Horrible feature. Havig said that (as I type blind because the video is in the way of the comment field), expletives are useless and don't win any converts. That motorcade could care less, the Resident is probably taking a nap or having his Depends changed by Jill anyway....

  • Lol - listen up everyone - that faggot standing guard for Biden's bus... oh muh job this that and the other thing go ahead and make him not like his job, get it? As in call him a silly faggot for standing between us and biden. Is he nuts? Does he realize in that position he exists at our pleasure and not on his right? Fucking goofballs, all of you. You should be telling that cop to FUCK RIGHT OFF, first and foremost. Biden won't fuck you up. He and his friends most certainly will.

  • I guess if you live in Minnesota yelling at an old man who won't notice you is something to do...

  • I love the one person talking who is realizing that this won't mean anything to Biden... what a waste of time

  • Fraud Joe Biden!

  • Sooner than later our voices will become bullets

  • zero biden supporters visible anywhere

  • Regardless of who is President, the amount of support vehicles needed to escort the President around, seems like a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Nice. But lets go brandon is more fun. Nah not really. But could you guys point me to evidence?

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