Oct 08, 2021

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  • how about the pharmaceutical companies promise to care for us for FREE if there is an adverse reaction instead of waiting to see if it was caused by the vaccine when we the patient knows it was.

  • A group of dumb women

  • Damn!!

    They really hate blacks that much? I knew they hated them and the Democrats want their slaves back. If they can’t get them back, they want to hurt them by pretending to be on their corner. I mean damn man! Can’t these Democrats just leave them alone? I guess not because conservative republicans keep getting the way. So what do the Democrats do? Create fake crap to agitate them. So, what is the end goal for Democrats for the blacks? Save them from who? They are so hateful towards them that they hold them hostage with fake racial crap and now the illegals is the new black democrat voters and job killers. They are just killing their opportunities and if they can’t kill them that way, they’ll get them with the poison jab.

  • "They're afraid of the vaccine. Now they're going to be afraid of not taking the vaccine. The question is which fear will win."

    1. You forgot fear of a tyrranical govt.
    2. FEAR #1. Nobody worried about the vax has any serious fear of Covid. About like worry over the flu. Because... (drumroll) WE FOLLOW THE FUDGING SCIENCE!
  • Behar is revolting. But then again, she's one of them. So, the "fear factor" always wins, does it? Stupid biotch. Do you really think these stupid biotches took the actual shot or got a placebo? The PTB wouldn't take the chance on giving one of these biotches the real deal and having them croak afterwards. If you were able to watch this video all the way through, God bless you. Once the video got to Navarro, I finally threw up in my mouth. All of these fools are whores for the powers that shouldn't be.

  • this little gaggle of filthy rich women don't do much of anything beyond race baiting, I don't know anybody who can bear to watch their crumby show of hypocrisy and self entitled narcissism!

  • Half the country? what are the odds? 100%? lol

  • I love yhe all jewish cast. Bravo! lol

  • I demand that anyone telling me to get the vaccine must first show me a blood test positive for graphene oxide. If you are not positive for graphene oxide please shut up and leave me alone!!!!!

  • No fear here, I just know bullsh*t when I am presented with it. 2 and 2 isn't adding up about this entire ordeal. If people really understood how closely Hollywood, the mob, and the government are tied together, maybe they would get a better understanding. This is something that has been going on for decades, and people are fooled to believe otherwise. Who do you think "built" Hollywood? It's right there in front of everyone's face.

  • never watched this drek; never will ...

  • This is why this show is down hill spiraling out of control.. this is the biggest propaganda spitting out of these government promoting hateful bigoted racist behavior… they’re the new Tokyo Roses & we can’t believe this is still on!! This is exactly what is wrong with this country… only leftist aloud to speak!

  • Who cares what these 5 libtards have to say?

  • How are we holding you hostage? You have taken the Vax. According to your own words, you are protected. Freedom!

  • Surprise surprise, whore's workin' it for their vax pimps! #DitchYourSmartPhone.

  • If you listen closely you will hear the propaganda. “With the 'fear' commercials; before people were afraid of taking the vaccine; now they are going to be afraid of NOT taking the vaccine. Which fear will win out”. “The fear factor always works, like in anti smoking and anti drug commercials”. (Essentially saying “We need to control people with fear” and “44% of the country are holding the rest of us hostage”, (admitting the vaccine doesn't work). “We've tried freebies, we've tried celebrities, we've tried pastors, the problem is that it got politicized.” (Neglecting the fact that it was a political (bio)weapon to begin with). “It's not like the flu. Covid will kill you.” Not mentioning that the flu also kills (except when flu deaths are attributed to covid because of false tests). The golden statement, “Who were the first people who jumped the line, flying all over the country to get the vaccine? Rich white people of privilege, and Republican donors.” You'd think, with their whole discussion being about getting folks to get the vaccine, that that would be brought up as an inducement rather than a criticism; but that wouldn't fit the propaganda for their “White superiority” agenda. Then the fat black lady says, “Terrible things have happened in the past, like Tuskegee, but this isn't one of them.” Failing to recognize the necessity for constant boosters because the vaccine doesn't protect against covid; not to mention the thousands of deaths and adverse reactions already reported (and un-reported) as well as the warning that the worst effect will be when another covid season comes and the vaccine prevents the immune system from combatting it, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Will they accept responsibility for those deaths – NO - because they are the “Privileged Liberals” on whom responsibility never falls.

  • "Fear is Good". Priceless.

  • How much did she get paid to spew that propaganda? The experiment with the whites won’t be over for years when the true affects of the vaccine are known.

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