Dec 14, 2021

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  • Harris is a psychopathic demon, but there is nothing "embarrassing" in this video.

  • Most electric car owners charge at home overnight. They only use public chargers occasionally for long trips. It would make far more sense to use removable flex-fuel range extenders for long trips and during grid outages. This would save all the taxpayers' money being wasted on public chargers. A range extender is basically a small generator.

  • This nutjob wants to lead a country?

  • When the charging cable is thicker than the main extension cord that is feeding the charging station!!

  • It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the car to drive you 150 miles

  • Why it is essential the Liberal Bitch didn't have standing water under he feet as she plugged the car in to get electrocuted and die... Actually... I am going to begin making sure recharging stations have at least a good 3 inches of standing water around every recharging terminal from now on. Best case scenario Liberals will end up being electrocuted and die. If it happens to be a politician forcing vaccinations so much the better. CIAO

  • "YOU MUST BUY EXPENSIVE CAR OF WHICH I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT!" - US Politicians. I wish all car owners had to pass some sort of mechanical skills test - and now, some sort of electrical skills test.

  • How do I know it's actually working? CACKLE!-CACKLE!-CACKLE!

  • This is another reason to keep drinking tequila,,

  • Nikola Tesla owns that shit!!!

  • Sometimes the right is just as bad as the left when it comes to exaggerating things.

    While I'll agree she did make a fool of herself. I'll do not agree is was because she was really expecting to hear the vehicle being charged. She was making a bad joke to make a couple points. Points being: A) To push more of climate-change agenda ie. "It's not polluting while filling up." B) To have the other person explain to everyone watching what indicates a charge is in progress.

    NOW by continually holding onto the handle. THAT'S what showed her low IQ.

  • Look at the extension cord next to her charging station and then look into the windows of those doors, does any of that look normal?

  • I think this is as fake as AOC and her crying at the fence in the south all for politics. 1st, who puts a charging station in front of garage doors? Democrats that are manufacturing anything forba photo op. 2nd, To me that looks like fire station door. They don't use charging stations. I could be wrong, I was once, however, not since obuttma went in the WH.

  • It's so easy even a Democrat can do it... uh, err. I mean, ummm.

  • George bush enters the chat: And ya'll thought I was dumb trying to use a barcode scanner at a supermarket...

  • So they intentionally made it a fake charging setup, Just for show. All they know how to do is FAKE.

  • She makes a valid point. Yall are letting your schizophrenia show. I drove this car for a year, the chevy Bolt. And she's right, it is hard to tel if it is actually charging. They should make it make a sound.

    And by the way, these cars are crap quality. Never buy a chevy bolt let alone a chevy

  • and 6 hours later..........

  • And if you believe this is really her, I have a bridge to sell you.

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