Nov 20, 2021

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  • Anti-woke? that satanist symbol on his chest makes him as woke as the rest of the democrats. >___<

  • Yes, OK, I still like KID ROCK but let's be real... he's old news, and reaching no-one... And this tune is really a rip-off cross between TODAYS NEWS TOM MACDONALD's SNOWFLAKES (seen here: and FAKE WOKE tunes. I do have KID ROCK and TOM MACDONALD as they reach different people on the most unique Republican page you will see anywhere:

  • Fucking brilliant..... Hope to see Bob in Detroit soon

  • Satanic symbol on his shirt and the cursing makes this song a no for my husband and I.

  • uh that satanic symbol on his shirt kinda blows any legitimacy kid rock might have.

  • I like it. It reminds me of Mesus, Upchurch or Tom MacDonald but with more of a heavy metal tune

  • Great beat, I wish he would make a cleaned up version of this he would have a lot more fans.

  • Looks like Bob found a bass player that can sing (since he can't).

  • Fk yah! Rock if back Mfkrs! Fire-it up! 🤘👊🤟💪

  • Now thats a bikers tune.

    "I rip more lines than a 10 lb Bass? Lol!!

    Definitely not into coke; but i am into righteous mean.

  • This is the original version from Monster Truck I have been living this song from day one!

  • He lost me with all the cursing, rap-he's back to being a wigger. BORN FREE was the way he should have gone. Showing pride in DETROIT? Nothing to be proud of. He's lost any Christians/Conservatives/Country who liked his, "Born Free" phase like I did.

  • Listening to the cursing was a little hard on the ears, I'll admit BUT - I do have to chuckle to myself thinking about progressives, liberals and communists being "deeply offended" by the "toxic masculinity" that's rampant in this video, LOL. Sigh... I miss masculinity in mainstream culture. The words about having a weaker generation ring true...

  • Respect!!!!!!! Thanks !!!!! I was wondering where are all true rock-n-rollers. Kid Rock is now in my top list.

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