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Lack Of Transparency From Vaccine Manufacturers Gets Called Out By Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes
Nov 02, 2021

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  • Typical fake ass politician. Wait until 3/4 of the population is already injected with poison and then pretend you give a shit daylate and a dollar short.

  • And what will happen? He will have an accident on the stairs, or in his car... Or his children will disappear... Or something horrid... Then this will all go away in a single news cycle..

  • This guy's heart is like a lion

  • Bible called it.

  • I would say Bill Gates has always been crystal clear about his plans to use VACCINES to radically reduce the world's population. It's the Kill Shot. The Global Zionist Jew Elite want to reduce population to 5% of what it is today so we can't be an overwhelming threat to them when they force their rule of Despotism on us .

  • just like all our bills and the parties do it all the time because we dont revolt

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