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Male Karen Goes Bonkers, Canadian Trucker: 'The Honking Will Continue Until Freedom Improves'
Feb 02, 2022

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  • You heard the Karen: "You haven't lost any rights if they say you can't work!" The PM has no powers to take off what he just put in place. And above all, this fully thought through reasoning: "If anyone should get upset then all rights can be infringed." Hmm, I didn't count, but I think this guy was leaning a bit more to the Left than to the Right(Proper) way of thinking.

  • Anybody dressing in "slim fit" like that has a sick mind.

  • He's a government psyop asset. Someboy pu--- him out.

  • He has not caught up to reality yet. "It's a choice."

  • HE HAS AN BALLS AND NO BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • REEEEEEEE!!!!! This guy is under the impression that doing what your government tells you to do at the expense of your personal autonomy is "freedom." "Just do what the state says no matter what and you'll live fitter, happier and be more productive. A pig, in a cage. On antibiotics."

  • Whiny cock-bag

  • See how I lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks visit


  • Sounds like this man went mad more than five days ago.

  • What a fucking cunt My response Not very eloquent but this guy may have mental issues.

  • Poor guy, more than sleep deprivation is at work here. We all must be willing to be ' inconvenienced' for freedoms sake at a minimum.

  • Just kill him

  • They accuse that you are selfish, but that guy on this video literally does not care about all the people's God given rights.

  • Just surrender your freedom, let them inject you, let them have totalitarian control over every aspect of every person's lives, get on your knees. Because Karen is having a temper tantrum and can't sleep.

  • He notified them that they are being effective. His argument is stop fighting back and standing for your rights, because your resistances hurts them.

  • Who is forcing employers to require the scientific fraud injections and masks?

  • I thought a male Karen is a Daren?

  • agitator 101

  • That guy is a plant. He is imo opinion paid disruptor.

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