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Massive Cover-Up Exposed, Big Media & Fact Checkers Ignored Evidence Of Myocarditis - Dr. Coleman
Feb 12, 2022

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Dr Vernon Coleman is the world's leading authority on prescription drug side effects and iatrogenesis. His books have been translated into 26 languages and sell in over 50 countries. Dr Vernon Coleman has been banned by social media platforms. Accounts in his name on Telegram, Twitter, etc, are fake. For more truths visit

"Now at last the mainstream media can no longer ignore what is happening.

Sports professionals, as fit as you can get, have been dropping down with heart trouble. There are so many heart problems among school children that there is a call to put defibrillators in all schools." - Dr. Vernon Coleman

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  • Shoes causing heart disease? I think BS. I think the jab does. I know a few people got the jab who are ok. But the stories coming out about people having adverse effects from the jab are becoming so numerous, it's obvious something is very wrong.

  • February 12, Doctor. We all misspeak.

  • There is no doubt about the problems surrounding the vaccines No reason for politicians to say they do not know so now they are culpable for the deaths and long term injuries caused to the people You may have excluded Big Pharma of culpability, but you have not excluded yourselves.

  • If I was a sheriff, I would arrest the county health officials and school super-intendents and principles. They believe there is a dangerous environment at the school, enough to require masks, but they simultaneously are letting children wear masks that even the manufacturers say can't be used for the threat they are concerned about. It is child abuse and child endangerment. I would charge them with one count each for each child under their protection, for each day it went on. County health officials can also be charged with broader criminal negligence for allowing same to occur at businesses. I wouldn't worry about getting guilty verdicts, but I would at least throw their asses in a holding cell and make them go through the legal process, even if they ultimately get away with it.

    Most people don't even think the risk of contracting the virus is that dangerous. But if county officials think it's dangerous enough to require PPE, then they better make sure the PPE is the proper type and that its rated for the intended use. Especially if they are overseeing the PPE's rollout to children who don't know better. PPE meaning personal protective equipment.

    I'm pretty sure there are also already laws in place that forbid government authorities from forcing medical treatments or preventions onto people without their informed consent. This includes forcing preventative medical equipment like mask PPE.

    The only reason this has been allowed to go on so long is because our military and law enforcement are corrupt and sold out to the new global government that controls the money supply, and who can continue to pay them with fake printed fiat currency. Eventually they will realize they abused all the workers with their authoritarian regimes defending illegal medical experimentations and other high-level crimes that had devastating effect on actual lives. As the economy recedes, they will find their fake crony fiat paychecks have no real production backing it. Maybe China or another real country will also take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Police and military are more corrupt than the mad scientist doctors. So it will be near impossible to stop them since the working class portions of society outsourced their defense to a centralized law enforcement with corrupt Chain-of-Command. Police are literally being used to arrest defenders who fight back against election theft and illegal medical experimentation. Some defenders have been held in jail for over a year without trial or bail even. Law enforcement is behind it.

    Just think of what we are living through, while we simultaneously have the most expensive military on the planet, and multiple support agencies like NSA, DHS, FBI etc, yet all of this is allowed to continue. Even local sheriffs are corrupt and can't be trusted as they allow their local health officials to carry out the crimes against humanity and medical experiment.

  • My husband had a stroke about 3 weeks after having the covid "vaccine" We have been dealing with the consequences ever since.

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