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Massive Human Smuggling Bust On The Border & It's About To Get A Lot Worse With Biden's Latest Move
Apr 02, 2022

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"This is how these smugglers down here treat people as a commodity, because to them, that's all they are in the fact that they would haul them in an open bed like this, who knows how far into the US"

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  • This is all a fu#king lie. The Border Patrol is just as corrupt as the CIA, FBI, DEA, and regular law enforcement. Everyone of them ABCs are human traffickers, drug smugglers and weapons. Don't be fooled like they are the good guys because they are not. None of these mafias are your friends and people you need to wake up.

  • Why do we have escorts at the border for the illegals instead of soldiers shooting the invaders?

  • bug ass pussy bitches,, you can film it, but do nothing about it, the military, and border patrol are as useless as biden, and always have been,, what a laugh,, personally I think they should nuke mexico city, them maybe them fucking bitches will get the goddamn message, also mow down a few thousand border crossers, and that bullshit will dry up real quick,, but then they'd cry and call in the un,, all you people are sick and would suck anyones dick for a shitty news story, useless bitches

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  • Grate video, but SCREW news max.

  • Biden is gonna faq USA up so hard Americans wont know which side their ass is. Keep in mind lots of Americans voted for their own demise.

  • If you go to their countries, they cheat and rob you. If they come to your country, you have to feed, house, educate, clothe them, and provide medical care.
    THAT is the reality.

  • Riding in the back of a truck? Crowded like a city bus?

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