MIND BLOWING: Sidney Powell Found Patents That Allow Government Election Rigging, Filed in 2006
Oct 03, 2021

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  • This is why we no longer have a democratically elected republic. We have a plutocracy. Period. We've actually had this further back than 2000 election. It has been since the early 1900's when the Fed became our private piggy bank for Congress. Slowly they were buying their way (with fiat money nonetheless) into the system, They have for even longer been responsible for the wars around the world, causing chaos and destruction. Now, they are now flexing their muscle to take away all the rights "they have allowed you to still have." Funny, they never asked any of us if this is what we want. I see a major white genocide, starting with the Republican / Libertarians, then onto the white Democrats (yeah, they will be shocked as hell), then onto the moderate colors from there. Once they are finished with the Americans and have milked that cow long enough, these Zionists will utilize the Chinese to finish us off. Then they will get theirs and voila, in a matter of just a few more decades, if that, you now have a small contingency of "melted crayons" who have no heritage to call their own and so easy to comply with. We should probably have a CW 2.0 to reverse the transgressions of the founding fathers who should have kept all non-white Christians out of this country...that's what they think should have happened, right? I sure do wish that...because Lord knows we are not going to get much (but some I'm sure) help from them to Make America Free Again? They are working for the Jewish communist ideology with every intent on replacing us. I say it's either us or them. They can go back if they want a nation that loves their "kind." No one is stopping them. And we can get down to business, protect our borders, re-establish just laws, exterminate criminals, re-create manufacturing and business after establishing a better Constitution that allowed for this mess. We can do it. We have to.

  • Now if we could just create self-eating politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Don't know anything about patents. Can they be deleted for security reasons?

  • Brad Barton with Lil talk show with Brad just started asking for donations for a PAC he has. Conversatives told him they weren't going to donate Until Elections are Cleaned up. I have to agree, whos going to give money to a PAC with Rigged Elections? I also don't know how Republicans can win without Campaign funding these days. How will this get Resolved before 2022? 2024?? Is USA going straight into Communism because of all this? Looks that way currently.

  • Useless at this point. Voting isn't solving anything. More time wastiing. Republicans are not doing shit in any aspect of government except some talk tough but are just opposition figures playing for the same fucking team.

    United States Patent 11,107,588 - 11,107,588 - August 31, 2021(filed November 30, 2020) (Below is abstract and link o what "COVID" was for. Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals System and methods for anonymously selecting subjects for treatment against an infectious disease caused by a pathogen. The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and, when in proximity of another such electronic device, one or both electronic devices transmit/receive the ID to/from the other electronic device. Then, a score is generated based on a plurality of such received IDs. Additionally, based on information received from a server, relevant treatment instructions are displayed to the subjects based on the received information and the score. The server comprises instructions for sending to the plurality of electronic devices the information to be displayed with the relevant treatment instructions, additionally the server and/or the electronic devices comprise instructions to generate a prediction of likelihood of a subject transmitting the pathogen, based on the score of the subject.

    Only part of the conclusion- SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE-RATIONING-THE WORLD IS BEING TAKEN OVER In such an example, the software of the electronic device may increase in relative importance. Such device may include a memory (e.g., as noted herein) for storing actual IDs or partial IDs and/or counts thereof. Optionally or additionally, such device includes an ID generator. Optionally or additionally, such device includes communication software (e.g., addresses) for making an anonymous drop of information and/or for receiving a general broadcast of information (e.g., from the server) and/or for accessing an individual's EMR or other repository with relevant medical information. Optionally or additionally, such a device includes a count analysis and/or other module that applies a classification or scoring method for example, as described herein. Optionally or additionally, such a device includes a sensor an associated software for detecting infection related information, for example, being indoors, location, distance from other electronic devices, duration at such distance, coughing sounds and/or video or still analysis to detect mask wearing. Optionally or additionally, such a device includes a display and associated software for showing a vaccination invitation and/or a score. Optionally or additionally, such a device includes an input (e.g., a camera) for receiving information form printed or other screens, for example, a user's occupation or special dispensation. Optionally or additionally, such device includes software, which generates behavior alerts to the user, for example, when the user engages in riskier behavior

  • Wow total criminals Anti-American Psychopath stuff!!!🙏 but we no this!!!

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