Nov 15, 2021

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  • STOP SHOWING THIS SHIT! Can I block Red voice media?

  • How Smart do have to be to work for MSNBC?

  • Niggers need to have their own country. White people need to have our own country. Simple as.

  • More Typical Nigger Behavior. I motherfucking despise these goddamn niggers!

  • Professional victims.

  • funny, their bosses refer to them as schvartze when they are not in the room.

  • that isn't bigoted. LOL

  • Their ratings are lower than snake And their lies keep going and get more asinine And Comcast exec. Dies nothing. Nothing embarrasses this Toilet edia

  • Who the hell is even watching So called mainstream news. ?
    The BS like a 2-3 min “ interview “ Get what you want out of someone Then it’s over. 👍😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Let people keep the chip on their shoulders Who Cares More PC BC. Imagining all kinda crap won’t help anyone. Whatever

  • Just another anti white bell pepper nose bitch .

  • dey be all like drivin n sheeit all raycis n sheeit

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