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MSNBC's Thanksgiving Menu: Genocide, Violence, Racism, White Supremacy & Victimhood
Nov 25, 2021

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  • I find it really pathetic on how this communist propagandist machine MSNLSD unleashes the hatred onto America, but thats just what communists do.

  • Sorry , you just don't look native American !

  • Perhaps you should leave the democratic party. For it is the democratic party that did and does this. I want a color blind society. If you attack me for you call me a white guy. I will defend myself and not because i am a what you call a white guy. I know what white is and i am not white.

  • Spoken like a true leftist... just so we're on the same page here these people think by turning this country into a communist shit hole that it's not going to have repercussions on them? They're enslaving themselves...that's how ignorant they are!

  • He should understand that he is a freeman and can always turn in those modern conveniences he has acquired and go live in a Teepee and hunt and fish with stone tools.

  • My Native heritage is ancestors were driven to Oklahoma by Andrew Jackson via the Trail of Grandfather was born on the Choctaw Reservation and married a Choctaw woman...and in knowing all that...I still love America and Thanksgiving! Only those people that have ZERO going on in life blame something that happened 400 years ago for their imagined injuries today! And the chocolate woman is as un-American and racist as they come.

  • Wow. Somebody give this man a turkey leg so his mouth can be more busy eating and less busy talking... our history is never going to be perfect- but don't undermine the work that people have done to make everyone free and equal in this country. If you never "forgive" (something that never happened to you personally btw or your grandparents or their parents) then how can you demand more progress? That's like going to couple counciling and telling your partner they have to fix everything because you're perfect and they're the only one with a problem LOLL so childish

  • Diversity has only so many possible outcomes. One group chases away the other. One group kills the other. Both groups mix and become a new people. (Melting pot.) Both groups mix but culturally preserve one of the languages, it's customs and traditions, religion, artwork and culture. (Blue, green and gray eyed people mudpeople, living among the non-whites, their Northern culture gone.

  • I am so damn tired of niggers.

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