Mar 18, 2022

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Oh, my, oh my God. I know. I mean, with so many people, are those are the best three they can come up with as the hilarious thing... look what they said about the previous administration...

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  • As an American, I am SO embarrassed! We did NOT vote these people in! They had to cheat, lie, blackmail, destroy lives to get into office, and now that they have all this power, we are fighting really hard to to get them out.

  • It is obvious that Nancy Pelosi participating in the Russian boycott got rid of her Russian Vodka by Drinking It!

  • Off with the pixies. That's a great line.

  • Four words : Dementia plus Wet Brain

  • This is Australian TV... NOT British. See the tag top left corner.

  • Yes, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi are boobs, however Australia is in no place to criticize anyone else's leaders after the covid authoritarianism they have tolerated over the last 2 years.

  • The Lord is not mocked, democrats are the party of ANYTHING goes, and it shows!

  • Dementia Joe isn't "off with the pixies." He has dementia. Also the election was stolen so there's the fact that he was installed and not elected.

  • These aren't limeys, they're dingos.

  • Pelosi should put puppets on her hands to help with her explanations. But Pelosi can still make millions of $ from insider trading. Strictly a puppet of the globalist mafia.

  • That was even worse than Her bizarre Ukraine exposition the other day. I suppose the answer to their question is that good, competent, service oriented pols can’t survive the dogs in DC. Pelosi et al are a mafia that seized power by threatening the populace, and they guard the DC sewer they drink from and s**t in like the rats they are.

  • That's Australian TV, not British.

  • What the FUCK IS THAT?

    I mean .. huh? Less Vodka with the morning toast.

  • 🤣🤣👏👏

  • This is Australian TV, not British. It even says ""; ;)

  • i know she was drunk again.. not once did she its FOR THE CHILDRENN... CMONNNN MAAAANNNNNNN

  • Pelosi is a clown.

  • It's only your fault for not understanding the far advancement in her telepathic alignment.

  • Shoot that rabid creature

  • this is an easy one "she's drunk again"

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