New Evidence Shows Omicron Variant Origins In South Africa Vastly Different Than Previously Thought
Jan 09, 2022

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  • FUCK OFF who cares? We are done with all of thgis shit. Live your life and if someone intrudes take them out. Fuck these "Authorities

  • So the guy being interviewed is fine with virologists risking the entire world by playing God with viruses. Gain of function is good provided there's more security in the labs. So shortsighted.

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  • I will Not have anymore more Covid Jabs the Nuremberg Code of 1931 Protects Me.

    The Nuremberg Code drafted at the end of the Doctor's trial in Nuremberg 1947 has been hailed as a landmark document in medical and research ethics. Close examination of this code reveals that it was based on the Guidelines for Human Experimentation of 1931. The resemblance between these documents is uncanny.

    Someone Wants to Cancel the Nuremberg Code Guidelines of Human Experimentation of 1931 which Protects Us Against Medical Experimentation On the Human Race!

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