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New FBI Infrared Video Blows Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Into A Million Pieces
Nov 13, 2021

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  • you cant say thats a pistol with that level of garbage video... also dumbass inbred gop this was a FALSE FLAG... STAGED THEATER... just like the trials... ALL THE KINGS MEN

  • Amazing the amount of footage the FBI has of this almost as if this was a set up

  • If I were a juror, I wouldn’t rely on any of this terrible quality footage for anything.

  • Fbi complicit in destroying, tampering and withholding evidence which is exculpatory in nature to the defense. Who ordered this to be filmed, who had possession of film knowing it was evidence in the case, who destroyed the hd copy and why? Civil rights case against FBI, I wish I was an attorney. I'd love to go against these psychotic bafoons in a court of law. Watch them squirm. Watch them sweat and play defence against the truth. Constitutional and civil liberties attorney, I hated them before and now I see a tremendous need for them today, defending truth not pseudo victims.

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