Nov 28, 2021

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  • It's been proven time after time: "Talk shit, get hit."

  • You have to actually hit the deck, to have been "decked".

  • I don't want to say that's the correct response, but there ya go.

  • I was expecting to see someone laid out.

  • My definition of decks and yours are quite different.

  • Our liberty doesn't stop where their fear begins. No need to strike anyone, unless THEY get violent first. Then it's no holds barred.

  • BLM can turn EXTREMELY VIOLENT IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, targeting Asians, Latinos, 'Other Whites' (Gays, Hindus, Koshers, Muslims), and WHITES, especially Women, Seniors, and Children, so, PLEASE, TAKE PRECAUTIONS to DEFEND YOURSELVES, GET 'RANGER-BUDDIES' ("WHERE YOU GO, I GO"), PROTECT OTHER WHITE PEOPLE, and FIGHT BACK, WHEN IT'S TIME to CRUSH BLM !!! @a @DrPaulGosar @LaurenBoebert @Mattgaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE

  • Does not look like a teen to me. The Karen should have minded her own business. Busybodies need to leave people alone and mind their own business.

  • Obviously she is a racist for asking our black brothers and sisters to follow the law.

  • they both look like barely teens if not hardly more than 11 to 13 years old.

  • Lol... get what you deserve.

  • I commend that nigga.

  • thats how we all should act about masks

  • The just hazards of being a Karen. Don't be a Karen.

  • Some heroes don't wear capes.

  • The woman should have minded her own business. But that teen should respect her elders.

  • I'm against the covid maniacs. But certain people love Biden & Kamala & Obamas, et al, they should put their masks on, take the shots, and sayonara

  • How do we know that she said this?

  • Remember when Minding your own business was a thing..?

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