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Pandemic Of The VACCINATED Generating Mutant Chinese Virus Strains, More Infected Than Unvaccinated
Oct 17, 2021

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  • The vaxxed are the problem, no vax was ever need! Stop the fucking experiment, your killing kids! Fucking morderna, pfizer, J &J are all murderers on a scale unheard of!!

  • This is all lies and deception. They are blaming un-vaxxed for the virus when they should be blaming FAUCI and the Chinese as well as SOROS, GATES, PELOSI, BIDEN, and their ilk. This isnt a virus of the vaxxed or the unvaxxed, its a biological weapon that was deployed by the democrat party and the communist chinese against all of humanity.

  • Dr. John B releases new microscopic images of the Pfizer vaccine in the body. at 0:00:00 @White__Rabbit

    Luciferase The Devil was in the detail - In the vaccine; Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the and enzyme, respectively.[1] Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer, meaning "lightbearer", which in turn is derived from the Latin words for "light" (lux) and "to bring or carry" (ferre).

    klaus schwab Wants to turn us all into his cyborg puppets. Think he’s forgotten about the Saints Yahusha’s blessings

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