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Pfizer Senior Director SPRINTS Away From Reporter Over Fetal Cell Lines In Vaccines Question
Oct 14, 2021

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  • The look of fear on her face is undeniable; she was terrified by James and the camera crew. James was probably hardly breaking a sweat keeping up with her when she started "sprinting". I am not even in shape and I could have smoked her easily and with little effort. She needs to keep exercising to get rid of that HUGE behind... They all think that they can find safe harbor with the name of the corporate juggernaut for which they work; but out on the street, everyone is fair game. Well done, James Lalino and James O'Keefe!

  • She needs to run like that often to shed that GINORMOUS behind that is flopping in the breeze. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa If she takes the clot shot she won't be running for long though.

  • How antisemitic! The ADL will add this juicy hate-attack to their massive list.

  • This doesn't look good on you or Pfizer Vanessa Gelman--you're fired.

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