Nov 26, 2021

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  • That guy who introduced Thomas is an idiot.

  • The problem with this kind of 'patriot' is that he's wedded to a false, fundamentally antipatriotic take on WW2. No American fought for 'freedom' in WW2, because America's freedom was never at issue. Americans fought to take freedom away from the German people and to impose liberalism on them. The real patriots of the day were against going to war.

  • There IS NO COVID dumb shits! You are being BRAINWASHED! Next Pfizer will tell you they made a real vaccine able to fight 'Covid' which has no side effects, to be administered once or twice a year, and you all you say, "Finally, after all the worrying they got it right!" NO THEY DON'T! Why? ...because there IS NO COVID VIRUS! Fk your Medical Industrial Complex! You want to kill, then God will send to you a cruel messenger. I hope it's me!

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