Oct 16, 2021

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  • Fine… PROVE the claim. Get a vial that’s publicly available - with everyone’s cameras following that vial from a local pharmacy to a lab, publicly pull it apart, and publicly determine all the ingredients in the vial. No time off-camera, no “just our cameras” (it has to be able to be verified and validated by anyone left,right, and center. The entire process must be scientifically sound (no adding or taking away of any ingredient or change to standard protocols). Unless you’re willing to do this, shut the hell up.

  • Graphine Oxide has been detected in Phizer vaccine. They are lying about Coronavirus, the contents of the vaccine and the purposes of the Poison they call a vaccine. A study showed that Graphine Oxide kills your liver. But the have never tried to hide their intentions about wanting to reduce the population by 95% around the world. And they are impatient spoiled people. That's the whole purpose behind the lie of global warming. YOU AND EVERYBODY YOU HAVE KNOWN HAVE BECOME UNSUSTAINABLE.. THE GLOBAL ZIONIST JEWS of Revelations 2 verse 9 are actually executing the prophecy of the endtimes as written in the Bible.

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