Psaki EMBARASSSED By Doocy Again, Trafficking Illegal Minors Around The Country In The Dark Of Night
Oct 20, 2021

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  • Child sex traffickers are celebrating and preparing for more opportunities to rape and destroy young bodies no one cares about. We have an alarming number of child predators and "customers" among or so-called ruling elites. What they do is sickening and horrific.

  • Psaki like to think of herself as the woman who never got voted in a president of the formerly united states.


  • She doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to be embarrassed….maybe mad that you don’t agree with her, but not embarrassed.

  • The Dems created an environment that's the worst since the civil against them...them vs us. And the "Bride of Chucky" is a national embarrassment.

  • By dropping them off at a Turnpike Rest Area IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT??? I call it Human Trafficking. The new (I'll say it!) Slave Trade. Only this time the slaveowners don't even have to house or feed their slaves - the government does it for them. they are 'paid' far below minimum wage, and live constantly under threat of being shipped back to the shifhole they escaped from.

  • Fake President Biden has no border security policy since he overturned Trump's on his very first day in office. As a result, desperate people are being encouraged to RISK THEIR LIVES to travel to El Norte in the hope of making it to a better place: "If you make it, you get to stay! Good luck..." In the meantime, they're subject to human traffickers and organized criminal gangs. Dead bodies appearing on ranches in border areas; children separated from parents; untold stories of exploitation and harm. This is no way to invite people into you country. This humanitarian crisis is 100% man-made and 100% preventable. Appalling. And in a time of lockdowns and social distancing, no less. Utterly. Indefensible. "The Democrat party is a party of criminals"-David Horowitz

  • Sorry, I'm at the point where we need to ship them ALL back!

  • payed liar

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