Nov 17, 2021

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  • We need to make this demonic bitch cry so many buckets of tears for the rest of her life that for lifetimes into the future of God's universe this bitch will be a Crusador for victims of emotional abuse and grief.

  • She must have forgotten about O.J. Simpson.

  • You use the word 'racist' like it's a bad thing. The number one cause of racial hatred is forced integration.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in your own community with your own people. Dumb conservatives have been tricked by decades of Jewish propaganda into believing the lie that racism is inherently bad.

  • I wish that turd Cavanagh would've ended up in prison. Him and every little scumbag Trump put in the Supreme Court.

  • Kavanaugh played both the accuser and defendant. He wears a wig and dress very well. I’d hit it.

  • Thank you for the comic relief for today. I needed a good laugh. Thank you for providing it!

  • She is a nasty piece of woke, err work.


  • The verdict hasn't even been rendered and this feral beast is pontificating for us about race. Well, I'm not interested in the ramblings of a useless animal. I just want to be apart from these things. No more cries of "racism". Just leave us Whites the hell alone. Go be apart--no more evil Whitey to deal with. Sounds like heaven to me.

  • If I hated Kavenaugh for crying (fake white tears), then it must prove i'm NOT a racist. Her logic works both ways.

  • I think she is jealous. When she cries, nobody cares.

  • Utterly racist. Making whites second class citizens in all sections of society is now being signed into law in our white western homelands, and were not even the minority yet. Imagine when we actually are.

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