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Real Jab Agenda Revealed When UK's Prime Minister Says The Quiet Part Out Loud
Nov 27, 2021

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  • When Covid started, he was ANTI-Covid-Measures. Than he was admitted to a Hospital with suspicion of Covid. After the his policies changed 180 degrees. My guess, he was told to fall in line or die of "Covid".

  • "The vaccine didn't work against the original virus, but we're confident that it will work against the new made-up variant."

  • Boris Johnson is such a fucking failure, and anyone who thinks he's a conservative is a fool.

  • Hahahahaha, boy, is he ever fuked up ?

  • He is a habitual liar and a pawn for the powers that control him and that wish to control us.

  • He is a jew what do you people believe a word he says?

  • Whoever thought it was a good P.R. move to embrace the term "jab" is woefully misguided.

  • He needs to introduce himself to comb... Or get a decent haircut...

  • Its time for WAR...

  • that traitor needs to be taken out. After brexit uk is more like the EU than before it left

  • Burn in hell Boris you piece of filth!

  • He's an evil man who burn for eternity!

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