Oct 17, 2021

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  • People need to realize , there is no pandemic going on , and the fake pandemic that was created , was an excuse to get you to accept a deadly never ending amount of vaccines and boosters ,till you die. Ever notice how many people that are fully vaccinated , are they one's in ICU , they are the ones dying , because the vaxxes have crippled their immune system. Not getting the vax is a great decision , do not let the liberals shame you into thinking you should get the vax to protect everyone else, because that is a made up lie, If you get vaxxed for Covid , then why can you still get Covid ? Trust in God , not in our corrupt government.

  • You are clearly very sweet and kind and have a heart of compassion, but my dear girl the company you worked for was devoid of all morals and values before this poison shot mandate you simply were not aware of it. You are a reporter so use those skills to look into this fact. Once you learn who it was that you were getting that paycheck from you might realize the great gift God has given you in separating you from them. You lost your job but not your vocation. Your vocation is not to be a sports reporter it is to form the soul (s) that God has given you when He made you a mother. That will be your greatest accomplishment and the thing you do which will have the greatest effect in this world for generations. God bless your dear soul...go and be the best mother you know how to be. Your children need you more than ESPN.

  • Is she not familiar with religious exemptions? Title VII of the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964. These companies are all breaking the law. You just need to remind your HR dept. of codified federal LAW, not their private company personal preferences. Visit and learn about your rights!

  • I don't blame her for not taking the jabs

  • Personal doc mentioned local KP stats, 87% miscarriage rate for women who received the prick. Fake pandemic, knew that from day one... All vids of Chinese ... What a nightmare of a joke!

  • Exemption my buttocks. Good folk don't get an Exemption. Exemption talk is just to stall. These spiritual bastards want EVERYONE jabbed! What they are going to get is FMJ to the skull. I just hope I'm in a situation where I can record it, or stream live when it happens. Death before dishonor! If there is a God, this God is telling me personally, "Pick up your sword! Show me you care for My righteous ways! I help those who help themselves!"

  • Just thought i would have to comment as i can see how distraught you are. When you say, giving up your career... remember this... you are simply giving up a job somehwhere. The passion within a career can be expanded in many different ways. I your case (i assume you are a reporter, im in SA).. you can put that passion into reporting on your own blog, you culd help people learn to report, you could be an advocate for something else you believe in and report on that (like this video). Guess all i am tryng to say, is that its just the job, not teh actual career you are leaving. When you are feeling stronger, spend just ten minutes brainstorming thinking up any ideas of what else you could do, and perhaps it will help. best wishes. (sorry the video crosses into comments area (cant see what i am writing half way corss the screen).

  • God says that if you give up your life for him, you will find it! Be strong and have heart, for those that are with you are greater than those who are against you <3

  • Yumade the right choice and I hope you have beautiful white babies!

  • I'm sorry you have to go through this, but you are standing up for what is right. Many are there with you. It will be alright; it's always darkest before the dawn.

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